The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

Non-profit organizations are adept at writing grants and obtaining funding from government foundations.  But non-profits often overlook opportunities to advance innovative and disruptive ideas for eliminating hunger and poverty.  Those missed opportunities are the opportunities that are made possible by:

  • creating relationships and partnerships with the for-profit sector and
  • developing social enterprises that generate revenue to further invest in, and grow, a  non-profit’s ability to serve the community   

The Greenhouse Luncheon and Presentation focuses on bringing together for-profit and non-profit sectors in the fight against hunger — conjoining the expertise of the business community with non-profits’ knowledge of the community, their clients, the needs, and how to serve.  Ultimately, “Uniting for One Mission: End Hunger.”  

Developing these relationships means knowing how to speak the language and provide the information/data that will resonate with the business world.  In this 55-minute session, our panelists will provide feedback on two funding proposals, with the goal of providing tips that will help the speakers, and the luncheon attendees, turn their ideas into proposals that will attract investors.  


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Submissions closed on September 22nd.

Sandy Cooper
Tampa Bay Network to End Hunger

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